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Marijuana and Aneurysms

I have Marfans Syndrome and an enlarged aorta. I am wondering what effects smoking Marijuana can have on my heart or if it could actually trigger an aneurysm. I have smoked before and was always fine until recently I started getting panic attacks after smoking.
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People die of brain aneurysm because of use of marijuana. Marijuana makes the blood rush to the head. An aneurysm is a dilation of a blood vessel (similar to a balloon) which as it expands has the potential for rupture. So when blood rushes suddenly to the head of a person with brain aneurysm, that blood vessel can rupture.
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I believe marijuana raises blood pressure significantly.  Any raise in BP is bad for someone with an aneurysm.

On a separate note, be sure you are informed about ARB therapy for Marfan patients.  If you haven't heard of the research, google "losartan and Marfan."  Aneurysms can be treated by pill in Marfan patients.
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That would be why  when a person ingests MJ they sometimes get an immediate "brain pounding" then chest pounding, slower breathing. people it's a drug. remember...Since I had cancer I have been using full time, after reading all of these remarks I am pretty sure Im done with it all. Talk about slowly comfortably killing myself...
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you are absolutely wrong with this statement, marijuana does not raise blood pressure, it is a vasco dialator and helps to control blood pressure - it is one of the very well established facts about the use of medicinal marijuana.
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can you cite evidence to your claim that marijuana causes brain aneurysms to burst?  There are still no recorded deaths caused by marijuana and i do believe that such a claim would qualify.
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There's a lot of evidence that smoking tabacco can cause a rupture.
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