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Is it my fault he hits me?

So when my husband and me started datin we moved in pretty quick, but we've known each other a long time. Well I was on a form of birth control that made me act outta control, and I'd hit him first sometimes mainly because he'd call me crazy or immature. He calls me all sorts of names still. I finally got the birth control took out and my attitude and temper have been much better. Now recently if I even barely yell he starts hitting me. He gets so mad. He doesn't do this to his mother or sisters so why does he do it to me? Am I not good enough? I don't believe in divorce I just want to feel good enough and fix things. I feel it's my fault because I put him through so much hell in the beginning.. But when his 3 sisters and mother are constantly starting stuff and still being friends with his ex girlfriend, it's really hard. I've always had to deal with his family when my family has been nothin but nice to him. I guess that and BC is where my original anger came from.
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If you don't believe in divorce, you'd better haul yourself into counseling, and then have him go with you if he will.  It sounds like the two of you have never learned to deal with anger in any other way besides hitting.  Time to learn the many other ways to deal with anger.  

ps -- Don't get pregnant yet.
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