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Alternate Meds to treat Cushing's Disease

Although I have not tested my dog for Cushing's Disease, based on the above finds and his symptoms (unable to hold bladder, excessive drinking of water and panting, very anxious, weak hind legs) my vet believes my dog has this disease. I refused testing to confirm disease and medication Aniprylor,Vetoryl and Lysdren) and researched for alternative meds instead. I first tried Relora (canine version is called Harmonease I believe) to see if it would calm him down and perhaps help with his symptoms. It worked a bit to keep him calm but after further research I came across the herb Si Miao San. I had my Vet order it after she confirmed with a holistic vet that this is the right herb to put him on. My dog started taking this herb Jan 8/10 1/3 tsp 2Xday. The biggest improvement is my dog being able to hold his urine, he is less hyper and drinks less water. After being on it for about 4 weeks the symptoms are returning but not as bad as before so his dosage was increased to 2/3 tsp about a week ago but have not seen any difference. The past three nights he is waking up around 3 pm asking to go out to pee. What dosage should I give a 30 lb dog?
Is it ok to give him Relora 250 mg when I know he will be in a stressful situation (e.g going to vet or visiting friends)
I also started him on Burdock Root Tincture about a week ago to help with his many sebaceous warts.
Note my dog has been fed raw dog food diet for the past 5 years and this improved his energy and overall health. He has also lost most of his hearing about 2 years ago. He doesn't hear me come home anymore but can hear high pitch noises like a whistle. I believe he lost his hearing due to excessive internal heat. He seems to be very hot all the time. Again this was improved with the herb. Any advise you can give me would be appreciated.  Liligirl.
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