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Cat Rabies

Can you get Rabies from petting a cat who rubs it's mouth on your hands...?
When you have several hangnails on your fingers?

I pet a homeless cat tonight (or I guess it is homeless, it wonders around our friends house a lot - but it looks really well fed), he was lovingaing all over me, so I didn't think of anything. He seemed very nice!
And not usual.

But people keep saying he has rabies, I didn't see any signs but they said he bit a girl and she had to get shots. I am not sure if this cat has rabies or not, I think she might have been paranoid. (She was bit over a month ago).

Well the cat did not bite me or scratch me. Just sat in my lap and cuddled like a normal kitty.

I talked with the girl who was bit last month and she said she doesn't really think the cat has rabies since it is still alive and looks pretty healthy. She just knows that her bite got infected which made her nervous so she went and go the shots.

I know this question isn't about my pet, I am just concerned! Thanks!

Also I got Rabie Shots when I was in 3rd grade, so about 17 years ago.
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I am afraid that I cannot be very helpful in answering this question.  Since you were not actually bitten it may be unlikely that you can catch rabies from the saliva of a symptomless cat.  However, if you are at all concerned you really should be seen by your doctor for treatment and testing.  

Please view the following link for government information about rabies:


It would be a great kindness if you or someone else were to bring this stray to be vaccinated for rabies.  Please also get him a collar to display his rabies tag to eliminate any rabies fear in the future.  Many towns offer free rabies vaccine clinics.  Just be sure that he can be safely brought to the rabies clinic with no risk of anyone getting bitten.  Or, maybe he can be brought to a no-kill animal shelter?
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