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Chinese herbal Medicine

Dr Cheng,
I am a dog breeder and animal rescuer living in Canada.
Being a Chinese, I've always interested in the use of Chinese medicine on animal.
I looked all over the internet, the only place which offer an online course on chinese herbal medicine,
only offer it to certified vets.
Do you have any advise for me?
( I could read and write chinese but I'm not a vet)
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If you cannot find a veterinary herbal course online, than search for a human herbal course.  A human herbal beginner's course would give you all the same principles as the veterinary course.  Most of Chinese veterinary acupuncture and herbs are extrapolated  from humans anyway.  I did a google search and came up with the following school:  Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute at www.rmhiherbal.org/  (Distance Learning).  I am sure there are many others.

You could also teach yourself.  

Start with the book "Four Paws Five directions", by Dr. Cheryl Schwartz  and another book: "Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medical Text
Review of Clinical Handbook of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine" by Dr. Dawn M Smith

Other good veterinary herbals are by the following authors: Dr. Steve Marsden, Dr. Susan Wynn, , Dr. Allen Schoen,  and,  Dr. Huisheng  Xie, and of course there are many others.

You will find that most of the textbooks cover acupuncture and herbs.  It is impossible to separate acupuncture from herbal medicine since they work synergistically.

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