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Diet help for dog with renal failure and hip arthritis

Our 10 year old Border Collie got sick a few months ago.  He had an abcess on his prostate and also pancreatitis.  His blood work showed high BUN and creatinine so was also diagnosed with renal failure.  After leaving the vet, the doctor put him on Royal Canin LP dry food for renal failure. He is also on Epakitin.  It has been almost 2 months and we took him back to be neutered and have blood work done.  His blood work showed that his BUN and creatnine had not increased anymore so the food must be doing his kidneys good.  However, he is eating dirt now which makes me think he isn't getting enough nutrition.  Also, he is now having trouble walking in the mornings and his back legs give out on him and he falls occasionally.  We went to a local holistic dog food store and the lady recommended Nupro powder for his joints.  

My questions are:  
Will the Nupro hurt his kidneys (too much added protein)?
Is there another food besides the Royal Canin that has low protein but will give him more nutrition and also be good for his kidneys?
Do you recommend Azodyl and Epakitin along with the Nupro or is that too much for his kidneys?

I want him on a good food for his kidneys but don't want other things to be affected like it is now.  Thanks so much for any help or advice.
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Home-made diets or an organic dog food would be a valid consideration.

Dogs with kidney failure need high quality, low residue protein diets. For example, human dialysis patients often eat eggs because each egg provides 7 grams of pure protein on which the kidneys do little to no work for the body to assimilate and utilize. Unfortunately because pool chemicals such as Cyauronic acid are legally added to pet food to artificially inflate pet food protein levels, it is nearly impossible to accurately determined protein levels, much less protein quality in commercially available pet food.

Full spectrum digestive enzyme supplements along with probiotics or "friendly bacteria" of which Azodyl is just one example, are helpful to take the burden off the pancreas and promote digestion and absorption of dietary nutrients.

Epikacin is a calcium based agent labelled to promote elimination of excess blood phosphorus associated with canine kidney failure. Unfortunately excess calcium is usually also a result of kidney failure which is why Epikacin has been replaced by Aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide is now the agent of choice to bind and remove excess phosphorus from the blood of dogs and cats in kidney failure.

Probiotics such as the lactobacillus bacteria found in organic yogurt help to promote absorption of digested nutrients. Probiotics, including Azodyl have no direct effect on the kidneys as kidneys are normally sterile and do not contain bacteria. There are many broad spectrum probiotic supplements available over the counter, from your vet and at retail.

Daily subcutaneous fluid administration is the single most important factor in canine kidney failure therapy. Generally, in dogs like yours, we see a reduction of BUN and Creatinine levels within 30-60 days of proper kidney therapy.

Natural canine vitamin supplements offering balanced, comprehensive levels of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants would be very helpful.

Natural dog arthritis supplements offering your dog the correct amounts of Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitan sulfate, Hyaluronic acid, Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin C will help to relieve your dogs arthritis pain and nourish his joints.

Should you want to follow up on this with me, that would be fine.

Best Wishes
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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Hi does your dog have hip dysplasia? My dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia this last summer and the doctor  recomended Glucosamine for my dog Bowzer and it seems to be helping he is walking better and even running around. I also buy the Pedigree dog food which has one where it has glucosamine in it for healthy joints. Ofcourse ask your vet if Glucosamine would be ok for your dog to take because I don't know if hip arthritis and hip dysplasia is the same thing. I hope and pray your baby gets better. Take care and God Bless you:)
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Thank you very much for such a thorough explanation.  It is very helpful.

Do you recommend any specific organic dog food that would be easy on his kidneys or do you think I should continue with the prescription Royal Canin LP?  

So you think it is ok to add the Nupro powder to his food to help his joints and that won't hurt his kidneys?

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