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Dog needs therapy!

My dog has some issues.  He's a 3 year old dachshund and has always been a little anxious.  

He has specific phobias though!  He hates cameras (probably the flash), and will run away and hide if he sees someone with any sort of object that resembles a camera or cell phone.  If you put any electronic device near him, he will push it around with his nose and act like he wants to hide it.

He freaks out in thunderstorms, and refuses to get his paws wet.  He also will put his head directly on top of your face if you are laying down or sitting.  At times, he will also urinate on himself and not seem to notice - usually when he is stressed or really excited.

He has never been aggressive and likes other people and dogs, but he's so weird!  Is this just anxiety and will doggy Prozac be beneficial?
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It would be best to try to get to the root of his problems by consulting a veterinary behaviorist/doggie psychiatrist.  If there are none in your area, a good dog trainer, such as a "dog whisperer" may help.

Next I would try to locate a veterinary herbalist/acupuncturist since the use of herbs and acupuncture are milder than Prozac.  From a Chinese medical stand point it sounds as if your dog has a "water" constitution, which is a timid personality, and could benefit from shen calming herbs.

If all else fails western drug therapy should help.  Prozac alters unbalanced neurotransmitters in the brain, and works well if your dog has unbalanced neurotransmitters.

The urination problem you describe sounds like submissive urination, which occurs in timid dogs, however should have a urinalysis performed since a urinary tract infection can contribute to this behavior.
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