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Hind legs constantly twitching, jaw clenched hard, constantly crying puppy

My puppy dog has these very strange symptoms all of a sudden.
He is constantly whining, almost non-stop all day and night since last night around 5 when I got home from work. He's been like this all last night and all day today. He hasn't slept at all, just constantly whining and crying...

His hind legs both have this constant twitch, almost every second or so, there's this clench in both legs.
When I pick him up by the body, his hind legs even twitch in the air, clenching over and over, non-stop.

He can't support herself on the hind legs at all, he's hardly moving. When he tries to get up and get somewhere, his legs just give way underneath him and he falls over. He's not eating or drinking anything at all.

His jaw is incredibly tightly clenched, but he's not fighting against me when I try to give him this nutrient paste I have here. I've literally never had to try harder to open up a dogs mouth, it's just completely locked. I managed to push a syringe (no needle, just the pump thing) into spot between his two jaws to kind of pry open his mouth and give him some water and some of this paste, but it's just.. so weird. He's not fighting me about giving him this stuff, and once it's in his mouth he uses his tongue to kind of smush and swallow it, but his jaw is just.. totally clenched shut. It's even hard to pull the syringe from his mouth because he's biting down so hard on it.

My vet is closed so I can't go until tomorrow morning... Any ideas? I hate seeing him like this...
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Sorry for the delay in this answer.
You will absolutely need to see your vet asap. This is clearly a neurological condition and could be a virus, toxin, or even epilepsy.
Other then seeking an animal hospital, I dont have any other advice for you.
Good luck
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