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Is my dog's vet not competent enough?

my 5mo old shih tzu was given kennel cough shot last dec 13 and we're advised to come back on the 27th for another dose.. All went well until the night of dec 22 when my pup began vomiting  a frothy yellowish green substance with clear sticky substance which looks like phlegm to me. he has also that substance in his stool. His stool is normal in color and  soft in consistency. He vomited 4x that night and so i brought him to his vet the following morning the 23rd. I told him about all the things i observed about my dog telling him about having his very wet nose which he licks... emphasizing on the 'phlegm' which is quite sticky and irritating to my dog when he vomits. His vet told me that maybe something he ate irritated his stomach and advised me to stick to dog food only for my dog. He injected antiemetic for his vomiting problem. He did not vomit until late afternoon he started vomiting again 3x till morning.That day and the following day, he has no appetite so i forced him his milk which he also accepted. Around 10:30 AM of dec 24. I noticed my dog to be so weak that he died a few minutes later.
Did my dog died because of upset stomach or of respiratory problem? did my dog has respiratory problem that time but his vet ignored it? I am really saddened. It seemed i lost a child and until now I am still crying for him. please enlighten me. thank u.
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Dear lea62,

I am sorry to hear that your dog died. Please accept my condolences. Unfortunately, I will likely be unable to shed much light on why, having no direct interaction with him.
Nor can I really comment on your veterinarians competency. Basic competency is assumed when the government grants the license to practice. Of course some may pick up on subtle signs quicker than others and of course we are all human and make mistakes.

It is not uncommon for puppies to contract infectious diseases, many of which we vaccinate them for and indeed we vaccinate their mother's for, before they have given birth, so that maternal immunity passes with the first milk, long before vaccination is possible.

Kennel cough vaccine would not lead to death under any circumstances I can imagine.

The vomiting that began on 12/22 which included mucous similar to that in the stool may well have been due to an infectious disease. Puppies, especially small ones are at risk from such viruses due in large part to the dehydration and low blood sugar that may occur with vomiting and diarrhea. Persistent vomiting and diarrhea, like occurred here, often warrants hospitalization for intravenous fluids to counter those consequences. By the time the vomiting reoccurred on 12/24 it is reasonable to assume dehydration existed and perhaps low blood sugar.

Finally when a dog vomits, especially a puppy it is possible for them to aspirate, suck fluid or food, into the airway and lungs. This is called aspiration and may cause death quickly. It is possible this ocurred with your puppy, secondary to the vomiting. You mention a respiratory problem, but describe no symptoms. If you mean the kennel cough vaccine, it is very unlikely that played any role here.

Either the pup died due to a viral disease or other insult causing vomiting, which lead to dehydration and  low blood sugar or perhaps aspiration occurred.

Again, I am very srry for your loss.


Arnold L. Goldman DVM, MS
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