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Lethargy unwell

My dog is usually lively even at 12yrs. 4wks ago he appeared v lethargic, sleeping more &disinterested. His appetite has increased dramatically- eating a bland diet but he's not putting weight on. To me he looks like he's loosing weight. His bowel habits are normal and formed and he is passing urine. He often looks spaced out & just stares into space. The vet gave him zantac for an upset tummy and had ruled cushings addisons and pancreatitis. They have no idea what's going on. I know he's considered elderly but. Something isn't right-all he wants to do is sleep and hardly stands up. Please help I'm so worried
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The major choices or differential diagnosis for what you describe are: Cushing's Syndrome, Addison's Disease, Hypothyroid, Cognitive Dysfunction, Neoplasia.

Even if your dog has tested negative for any of the above listed conditions, he may still have one or more conditions, but they could be atypical or may not as yet be detectable in the blood.  Mottling of the pancreas could be due to inflammation, scarring from prior bouts of pancreatitis, or neoplasia.

If a definitive diagnosis cannot be found than possible therapeutic trials with safe and innocuous medications may be worth a try.  Please discuss this with your veterinarian.
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