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My kitten has a swollen anus, trouble pooping?

Recently (five days ago) my dad brought home a litter of three kittens from one of his worksites. He'd had his eye on them for a few weeks, and finally found an appropriate time to bring them home. They were in the back alley of a restaurant. Two, the two girls, seemed to be relatively well fed. Nice plump bellies. But the male was very thin and bony.
Since then, he's gotten a nice, round belly. He's got a hardy appetite, as do the other two.
The issue is, he's got pooping problems that completely stump me. His anus is incredibly swollen, and at times very red. He's really vocal, and I can tell it hurts him when you touch or brush against it.
He pees fine, eats fine, and he's not having diarrhea (he did when we first got him, but we figured that was the change in diet from supposed people food to canned food, and it's no longer an issue). But when he poops, it's a very slow process. Sometimes up to 45 minutes maybe. He just walks around with it coming out, and it's never more than maybe a few centimeters. Once it's out, he feels a bit better, becomes more active. But this happens a few times a day.
I've begun to feed him pumpkin with his food. I'm hoping more fiber will help.

I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted to make sure to include everything. I'm really worried about him.
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He needs to be seen asap. This sounds like a congenital defect known as atresia ani. This condition is somewhat common in kittens and is when the tissue around the rectum does not open properly at birth. Often the mother cat will bite the kitten and for a hole and while the kitten is nursing the stool is very soft. Now that it is hardening up he is having more trouble as his rectal tissue and nerves are not properly formed. There are treatments for this and some pretty easy surgical techniques as well so his prognosis is good. but he does need to be seen soon.
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