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Outer ear changes to bright pink

We adopted a mostly white cat (orange/tan van markings) from a shelter.  When it arrived it was named pinky because he had fairly pink ears, being male, we changed its name. It also had a sneeze with some discharge they said started with his vacinations a few days before.  over the 6 months we had him, his ears had turned to a normal looking color, he has been on different antibiotics about 4 times trying to eliminate the sneeze with discharge, that sometimes makes him sound wheezy. (lungs clear per 3 vets).   3 days after each antibiotic round, he is back to the frequent sneezing and a few days later with congested sounding discharge.   now 2 weeks after his last round of antibiotics, his nose is again crusty, with discharge sneezing and his ears have gone back to being pretty bright pink.   this coloring is on the external part of the ear, not inside. this is the first time we have noticed the ears returning to the bright pink he came with which kind of looks unnatural on the cat.   he does have some wax build up that we clean out a couple times of week that they say is probably draining from his nasal issues.  any thoughts on why his outer ears change colors.  we had a vet appt for tonight in an attempt to try him on a long term antibiotic to see what that will do, but due to a funeral had to move it to next week
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Any cats pinna (outer ear) can turn pink with inflammation.  They become blood engorged and and hot to the touch.  In your cats case the pink inflamed ears act as a kind of barometer for his upper respiratory infection.

Chronic upper respiratory infections can be a sign of bartonellosis or herpes upper respiratory infection.  Chewable lysine treats at a dose of 500mg of L-Lysine twice daily help as a preventative for Herpes.  With an active infection the dose should be doubled until it resolves.
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