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Renal Failure in my Dalmation
I have a female Dal approximately 6 years old.  I was told she is in renal failure. She is housebroken but sometimes she has accidents in the house when we are gone to work. I can see blood in her urine and there seems to be another substance visible. It is almost white and appears to be like a wet powder. Like a beige baking powder that is wet.

Is there a possibility that this wet beige powder substance is protein concentration? If so is this evidence of advanced renal failure? I have just now read on the internet that she should be on a low phosphorus,low protein diet. I was never told this by the vet.

I also need to tell you that she has been diagnosed with heartworm and we are about to embark on treatment for this.I wonder if it is a good idea to enter the treatment for heartworms with the renal disease present?

Thank you for your help.

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You will need more guidance from your veterinarian about treating the heart-worm disease.  My feeling is that your dog should be treated for heart-worm disease no matter what her renal status might be, unless your vet feels as if she would no survive the treatment.

Did your vet give you an idea as to what is the cause of your dog's renal failure?  Did your dog have any tick related disease?  Was she tested for leptospirosis?  Was she tested for tick disease?  Has your dog had chronic urinary tract infections?  These can cause renal disease.  Other causes of renal disease include congenital diseases, toxins or chemicals and others.

Your dog could also be afflicted with chronic urinary tract infections, with or with out crystals or uroliths (stones in the bladder), or renal calculi (stones in the kidneys).  The white substance you are describing can be any component of the urine,  including crystals.  When was the last time your dog had a urinalysis?  I don't know how severe your dog's renal disease is, but urinary tract infections should be kept under control at all times with antibiotics, and other medications as long as they are needed, especially in the patient with renal problems.  A urine culture and sensitivity is also essential!

A low protein diet is no longer advocated for kidney disease.  Your dog should be on:
1.  canned (not dry) very high quality protein diet. Canned or wet food is better than dry, since you are trying to push hydration on your dog.  She needs all the fluids she can get.
2.  a phosphate binder, such as Epikitin if she has high blood phosphorus levels.  
3.   high doses of Omega 3 Fatty acids,
4.   Azodyl, a prescription medication, to help with kidney failure.  
5.  Antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infections, or tick diseases, or leptospirosis.

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