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In July my 15 year female cat started to have seizures. The first night I noticed she said on my lap  and started having heavy seizures that were about 2 to 3 minutes apart and lasted for about 30 minutes. The next day I called my vet and she said that those might be epileptic seizures.
The reason I still didn't bring her to the vet is that my cat is extremely scared to go to the vet so each time we go it is massive stress for her. She just completely freaks out and I have to put her in a blanket so our Vet can just examine her little bit/ take her blood because my poor kitty is also diabetis from having taken Cortisone because she's also allergic the poor thing.

I notice now that when the seizures start she also has problems with your limbs, she cannot really walk.
I started a diary of how often the seizures are and the past week she had three seizures.
So last night she had the worst seizure of them all!  iI started that I saw her walking on the floor and her legs started giving away and then I picked her up and sat her on my lap to pet her trying to calm her down and the seizures would just go from being 1 to 2 minutes apart to constantly being very very heavy. The seizure ended with what seemed to be one big cramp. She peed herself and it was just all over horrible. When the seizure ended she laid in my arms and was completely exhausted and weak. Then after about five minutes she got off the couch and just sat under a table. And after about 10 minutes, regaining her strength a little bit she ate and drank, I bought her bowl of water and food into the living room because she seemed to still not be able to walk. After the seizures she always eats and drinks.
I wonder if anyone else's cats has these symptoms or get another Vet's opinion of what the problem might be.  
The seizures did not seem to change her overall behavior and for her age she seems fit and is still a very pretty kitty.

Thank you very much for any input and

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It is unfortunate that she is so stressed out by going to the vet but she still needs to go. Seizures can be due to a wide range of serious disorders and even if it is due to epilepsy, she needs to be assessed. Seizures are dangerous and they hurt, a lot.
Medication can be prescribed but only after your vet runs some tests.
Ask them if there is a mobile vet in the area who could come to your home.
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