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Strange Cat Cough + Movie

For the last couple of month our cat started to cough
our vet initially thought it is a cat's hairball and he gave us a treatment for that,
but the cough didn't stop but continue stronger
our vet said that he never saw this kind of cough and doesn't know what to give him..
before we are going to do a rentgen on his lungs i am posting a little movie of gary (the cat) with his strange cough so someone could recognize it and tell me what's his problem
does anyone familiar with this king of phenomenon?


the cough movie:

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I watched your movie.  Thanks, that was helpful.  It sounds like feline asthma, and /or respiratory allergies.   However, it could also be bronchitis or pneumonia (bacterial, fungal or parasitic).  You did not provide the duration of each coughing episode or how long this has been going on such as:  Does the cough increase in frequency in the spring or fall?  Does the cough occur all year long?  When did it first occur, etc?  Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat?

Is there a wheeze when he breathes in or out or both?
If your cat is older he could also have heart or lung disease, or heartworm disease (yes, cats can get heartworm disease too) or a combination.  

Your veterinarian should do a chest X-Ray and, if necessary, an echocardiogram.

There are several treatment options for asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Let me know how it goes!  Thanks, Dr. Cheng
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hi,thanks for your concerne
some answers:
each cough is about 10 min per couple of hours
the cough  started 3 month ago.. but it is worse only in the last couple of weeks
it started at the winter and it's now spring here.
gary is an indoor cat.
i don't believe he has a wheeze in his breathing
gary is about 2 years old
we'll do x-ray to check your suggestions.

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