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Swollen non redness by incision

My dog had Pyometra and had an emergency sugery the 11th of January. She had her follow up and stitch removal the 21st. She has a bulge around where her incision was, but no redeness. The vet seems concerned and she has to go back for another followup. What could cause this bulge and or swelling?
Her personality seems fine. She is in good spirits and it eatting and drinking normally.
I am just so nervous on what could be happening to her. I just hope it's not more sugery.
Thanks for any answers you can provide me!
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It may be a reaction to one of the sutures.  This is very common.  

But, perhaps your vet is worried that the lump is associated with a mammary gland?  A lump in the mammary gland could be mastitis, or a benign or malignant mammary gland cancer.  Which I certainly hope that it is not.  Your vet may be able to perform a biopsy with local anesthesia so that your dog does not have to be put under general anesthesia, or your vet may be able to perform a fine needle biopsy which requires no anesthesia at all.

Regardless, I am glad that you are having it rechecked!
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