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Vaccination risks


I'm a breeder of persian cats. I am very health conscious and I test my cats regularly for cat flu and other viruses. Every test I've ever had has come back negative for these viruses.

I have a litter of kittens at the moment. They have not been to shows, and I have not had any new cat into my cattery in over a year (all new cats are isolated and tested, too, before mixing them). I recently had my litter of kittens to the vet to receive their second vaccination. Two weeks after they received this vaccination of live attenuated virus, I noticed that one had a snotty nose every morning, that was blocking up the nostrils. Others were sneezing. All eyes are clear and white, and there are no ulcers in their mouths or eyes. All kittens are lively, eating and drinking well. But the sneezing has been continuing. Before receiving their first set of vaccinations, my vet checked them over. None of their neck nodes were swollen. However, they are very much swollen now.

Both the parents were tested negative for cat flu viruses before mating, and had not been out of my cattery or had contact with any strange cat for over a year, so I know they did not pass anything on to their kittens. I am contemplating getting my kittens tested for FCV/ FHV, and I wanted to ask what the risks of my kittens contracting cat flu from their vaccinations. If indeed it is cat flu, then there is no other place it could have come from.

I am very worried, and very concerned.

Thank you

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Hi catlover...from a former Persian breeder!   I bred Shaded Silver Persians for a couple of years back in the early 1990s (I believe you all across in the UK call them pewters).

When you refer to "cat flu" I am assuming that you are talking about the upper respiratory complex of diseases we see in cats (rhinotrachetis, feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus, etc).

Did you veterinarian happen to use the intranasal form of the vaccine?  This form can cause a transient type of sneezing although the kittens generally feel no ill effects.

Have you had any visitors who happen to have cats?   Those visitors could have carried FHV on shoes, clothing, hands, etc

Also, my understand of FHV testing is that false negatives are fairly common.  I don't know how routinely you have your other cats tested, but since they don't shed the virus consistently, a cat with FHV can test negative.

It sure sounds like you are doing everything you can to keep your precious kittens safe.  If there is no resolution within the next several days (5-7), they should probably go back to the veterinarian for a recheck.  I would also consider calling your veterinarian and just making them aware that the kitties are snotty.   That way its in their records for future reference.
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