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We thought she was going to die

My 8 year old Shitzu has been coughing alot (like she has a hairball) and sometimes she goes into attacks that she can't breath. It is very scary, my son was home with her the other night and she went into a spell and he was freaking out. He thought she was dying and I understand how scary it was for him because the same thing happen to me a few times. she was laying down next to me on the couch sleeping and then all of a sudden she started gasping for breath. She was like this for about 5 minutes. Could this be just allergies and will benydryl help her.

thanks for ay suggestions
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It could be kennel cough.  Kennel cough causes coughing that sounds like whopping cough and can be so severe that can actually lead to vomiting.  Other possibilities are collapsing trachea, heart disease and allergies.  Benadryl can be tried at 1 mg per pound.  The average Shih Tzu would require a 12.5 mg. tablet up to 4 times per day.

Kennel cough may require antibiotics and cough medicine, if severe.  Evaluation of heart disease requires chest X-Rays, ECG, and echocardiogram; and once diagnosed, may require cardiac medications, co-enzyme Q-10, and Hawthorne berry supplements.
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Thank you for your advise I told her to the vet on Thursday, She said probably a reverse sneeze. Of course I never heard of that. They also did some blood work to rule out heart worm. She put he on Temiral-P. We will see how this works.

Thanks again
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Our dog is broke out in a red rash all over stomach face, between toes, and inside mouth, Extreme itching. I have administered 100 mg diphenhydramine, and applied topical hydrocortisome 5%, we have Clavamox and Temaril would these help?

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