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What's wrong with our Shitzu Puppies

Our shitzu had 6 puppies on Thanksgiving Day.  She lost the first puppy that day and 2 more the following week.  About a week later, another one died.  I did some checking and found out that the owner of the dog who sired her had "misrepresented" some important facts.  It seems that both my dog and hers shared the same mom but different Dads.  It is now almost a month since the pups were born and the last 2 are not acting right.  The one is whining constantly with no break and although they are both fat (too fat which also concerns me) they will not nurse even when mom tries to feed them.  They move but still almost too slowly--like they have balance problems.  Another point is that for about a week now, the mother won't get into the box with them-- she lies outside of the box. She is tends to their grooming, and licks their bottoms but maybe they are not moving their bowels?   I am not a breeder, but I have seen many of our dogs through pregnancy, delivery, etc. and this is the most unusual situation.

Could these problems be due to the close lineage or are the puppies just sick?  The constant wailing breaks my heart and I don't know what to do.  Help!
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Unfortunately they seem to have congential or hereditary problems which may or may not be treatable either medically or surgically.  Please take them to your vet!
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Have you taken them to the vet??? If they are dying like that you need to take them to emergency instead of posting here. It will take a while for the vet to get back to you. Your pups are obviously suffering.
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Obviously if I had enough money for a vet, I wouldn't have used a second rate information source like this for help.  The dog was pregnant when we got her and by the few responses I've received here, you all are no better.
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I am sorry but if you can't afford the responsibility as a pet owner, you shouldn't have them. Your just as bad as people who abuse their dogs. Even the vet here told you to take them to the vet, your ignorant. It's people like you that contribute nothing to this world. Good day to you!
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