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can i use amoxicillin on my kitten for his cold

i adopted this kitten who was living in horriable conditions,he has weeping eyes,they tear alot and it drys to a green color if i dont get it wiped soon enouf and he sneezes alot,i cant afford to take him to the vet at the moment but have access to some antibotics through a local hunting supply company,but i unsure of what antibotics a cat can have,if anyone can help plz let me know
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I'm not a vet, but my cats and dogs have both been on amoxicillin as well as clavamox (which contains amoxicillin) at various times for various systemic infections, HOWEVER, it sounds like your cat has conjunctivitis and probably needs an antibacterial eye ointment. If it has an abscess, then an oral antibiotic (amoxicillin is probably not strong enough though) will help, but oral antibiotics won't cure conjunctivitis. If you don't treat the conjunctivitis properly, you can end up with really bad problems, so I strongly urge you to figure out how to get the cat to a vet.
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