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My 7 year old baby (Golden) was dx with horrid disease---- maybe moved the rib ( they don't know)
it wasn't on any of the organs - it was in the mesentery.
Anyway I have a few other forms I am involved with that mentioned this herb as well as the book I just purchased, Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine and they as well mentioned Yunnan Bai Yao

Have you heard of this?


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If the book you have listed was written by Dr Steve Marsden and Dr. Susan Wynn, I am very familiar, they are both professors of mine and colleagues!

Yunan Baiyao is a Chinese formula for hemorrhage and would be very valuable for Hemangiosarcoma.

Other herbal choices are:  Hoxsey Formula, or Hoxsey Formula with Boneset.  PolyMVA, Bloodroot extract, Essiac tea, and more.
A dietary change is also important.  Hills N/D is a good commercial cancer diet, as it contains little to no carbohydrates.  Cancers feed on carbohydrates.

Most of these herbals are available online with or without prescriptions.  Dr. Steve Marsden has his own line of herbal formula's including the Hoxsey Formula's.  Your veterinarian can order them for you.  
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Thank you very much for the reply, Dr.
How far are you from Matawan, NJ?
We live there


I know all these cases are different - but I do know of some that have lived past there "death prognosis"
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