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kidney failure

My Yorkie was recently in kidney failure and this will be second day in hospital getting fluids and antibiotics. I await tomorrow to see if there is am improvement in her kidneys. I'm devastated cause her levels were getting worse. Can anyone give me some hope as to her getting better after two hospital stays getting fluids?
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If your Yorkie is in chronic renal failure she will require nursing care at home and may have to have in-hospital fluid therapy every now and then.

Several days to up to 10 days of in-hospital fluid therapy and other care is often very helpful for those with chronic renal failure.  It is the doggie equivalent of human diuresis.

If the creatinine and urea nitrogen levels do not become decrease following the in-hospital fluid therapy the prognosis may be poor.

Sub-cutaneous fluid therapy performed at home, phosphate binders, Azodyl, K/D or other kidney diet, pepcid, appetite stimulants, and the Chinese herbal formula: Rehmannia 8 can help maintain the chronic kidney failure patient.
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If you are able to share your dogs blood and urine results, I am glad to review and offer you specific natural therapies including a tasty home made diet, aluminum hydroxide to bind the excess phosphorus, B-Vitamins to boost red blood cell production,  a specific protocol for daily home fluid therapy and other natural kidney nutrients to try to help return your dogs kidney function to a normal status. As a practicing holistic veterinarian for many years we have had excellent results using this for our canine kidney failure patients.
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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