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what can i use on my dogs ear and skin ?

my dog has lost hair in a couple of patches on his chest, they are realy itchy and drive him mad, also he constantly has a poorly ear he rolled on the grass the other week and gave a right yelp, inside the ear is very very dry like ecsma and had a tint bit of dry yellowy wax he keeps scratchin that too, is there anything i could use on his chest and ear?

p.s the vet keeps giving him canural ear drops it clears up for a little bit but comes straight back :(
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Itchy skin may be a sign of multiple disorders. It sounds to me like you need a second opinion. For example, mange, diagnosed with a test called a "skin scrape" can be itchy and lead to self trauma of an ear with secondary infection. The causative chain here has far too many permutations to really go into here. See a second doctor and insist on diagnostic tests rather than just treatment trials.

Very best regards,

Dr G
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Patchy hairloss is indicative of a skin infection (bacterial, fungal, or demodex mites), and there is also an ear infection which, since it is not responding to topical medications, is likely resistant to the ear medication and potentially in the middle ear--the ear needs to be cultured and flushed. In an older dog without a prior history of skin and ear problems, an underlying problem such as hypothyroidism or food allergy are likely. I agree with Dr. Goldman, further evaluation is needed. For tough dermatology cases, there are 2 veterinary dermatologists in England, I am not sure how far they may be from your location.

Peter Barrie Hill   Phone: 0 117 9289420  
University of Bristol, Division of Companion Animal Studies  
Dept. of Clinical Veterinary Science  
Langford House Langford  
Bristol , BS40 5DU
Aiden Foster   Phone: ++44 1743 467621  
VLA Shrewsbury  
Kendal Road Harlescott  
Shrewsbury Shropshire, SY1 4HD  

Good luck,
Kimberly Coyner, DVM DACVD
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