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Canine Intestine Obstruction Surgery


I have a 10.5 year Beagle that ate something in the back yard.  There was Grass/Plastic and something resembling a small bone.  He started vomiting on a Saturday afternoon.I took him into is normal vet on Monday.  He was very lethargic and weak.  He did not seem to be in any pain in his belly.  Not eating but drinking constantly just to throw up.  They ran blood test and urinalaysis.  Everything looked fine except that he was dehydrated.  The did an x-ray that showed nothing.  They administerd fluids and he perked up. On Tuesday they offerd a little food.  He ate it only to throw up later on in the day.  At that pointe they assumed that it was too soon and backed off.  He went through the same drill on Wed.  I called on Wed and said it had to be an obstruction and we need an ultrasound.  My vet uses a mobile ultrasould.  Sure thing, they called on Thursday to say he had a blockage in is deaudeom and needed surgery.  The doctor said that his intestine had started to tear in a few places.  He felt very confident that he sealed it all tight.  He would start antibiotics immediatly and we will see if he gets better.   He has never run a temp.  He started drinking water on Saturday.  He did vomit 1 time that night.  He was offered food and a little food on Sunday evening.  He vomited a little Sunday night.  Monday he ate early and held it down.  He had lunch around 2pm.  3 small meals instead of 2 normal.  My dog came home on Monday aftrernoon..  Still very sore from the 3-4 inch incision with staples.  I took him on a walk when we got home.  He blessed the front yard with stool.  The first time in over a week.  It looked fine.  No blood.  After that we went inside for about an hour.  He seemed nervous.  He appeared that he wanted out.  He threw up his whole lunch.  I didnt offer him anything for the rest of the night.  This morning he ate and drank fine.  My basic question is if my dog had surgery last Thursday why is he still vomiting.
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Your dog had MAJOR abdominal surgery.  If you,  as a human had this surgery you probably would not be given solid food for 2 weeks, and you would still be in the hospital.  His stomach will be painful, and he will experience nausea for several weeks.

Dogs can be partially fasted for awhile with out problems as long as they drink water.  I would allow him small frequent bowls of chicken soup, meat broth, or fish broth with a small amount of rice or noodles for a few more days than slowly add canned dog food seperately, but,  only 2 tablespoons per feeding every 3 hours.  A probiotic,  either as a supplement,  or in yogurt or cottage cheese can also be used in addition to the canned dog food.  Don't add dry dog food for 2 or 3 weeks.  If your dog is still having problems maybe your vet can add an anti-emetic (anti-vomiting/anti-nausea) medication.
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