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My Dog will not eat

Hello!  I have an almost two year old Belgian Tervuren puppy named Riley.  Since he was a baby Riley has been a very picky eater, he shows no interest in food.  I've tried many different brands of dry food (Canidae, Natural Choice, Purina Pro Plan, Innova, and finally Wellness Core), he will eat, but not regularly and is exceedingly thin.  I've tried cooked chicken, ground up treats, canned food etc... Nothing helps.  He currently weighs about 41 pounds and should weigh at least 55 to 60 pounds.  Today my vet recommended trying a raw diet, so we'll try that starting this evening.  Can you please help with any suggestions?  Thanks!!
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It has recently come to light that the best diet for a particular breed of dog is the diet that their DOMESTICATED ancestors consumed, not their wild ancestors.

The problem with a raw food diet is that when a wolf hunts it is essentially eating live meat with all the digestive enzymes in the blood and muscle intact, along with predigested vegetables from the prey animals stomachs.  Domesticated breeds unless they are Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyed's, Husky's or other sled dogs can thrive on raw diets, especially if they consist of mostly raw fish.

If you can find a raw diet that is completely ground (to avoid digestive trauma from bones) without the blood removed (to contain the enzymes), that also contains the stomach contents of the animal to be ingested it may help.  However, I would add probiotics and Wobenzym (digestive enzymes) along with the diet, at least temporarily until your dog becomes acclimated.

Before the advent of commercial dog food, owners fed their dogs what ever they consumed, for example, dogs in Scotland ate oat porridge with a bit of lamb or fish, or rabbit, and with ever seasonal greens were available.  This is true of all countries including Belgium.

Whatever you end up feeding your dog, by sure to add a good vitamin/mineral supplement.  Your dog can use a human vitamin supplement for his size.
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would you please recommend a few multi vitamins which are availible world wide and are human vitamin supplement.and what dosage of Wobenzym should i give to my dog,with their raw diet.
thank you
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