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attention bird lovers

I love all animals,however I absolutely love birds. Is there anyone who has/had African grey or other parrot or birds? My African grey was 16 when he accidently passed away last year. I was devasteted and still missing him alot. He was amazing ,intelligent creature had huge vocabulary ,speaking whole sentences and could entertain us all day long. Does anybody there has a bird and share s the same experince?
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Hi Naya888,
I think birds are wonderful too. I am very sorry for the loss of your African grey parrot. I've heard they're highly intelligent. I've seen a number of videos about a female African Grey parrot called Einstein. I saw the videos
of You Tube several months ago. You say she " accidently passed away".
What happened to her, Naya?  Sixteen years old isn't all that terribly old
for an African Grey which I heard can live a number of years. I also know
though that things can happen unexpectantly and that accidents happen.
Anyway, when I was a child, our family had a African lovebird. He was a beautiful male parrot with a pitch black head with a while ring around his
eye. A lovely read beak on his cute black face. He had yellow breast feathers, green body feathers and a tail with an assortment of colors.
Tweety was very smart a bit of a rascal and we loved him dearly.
Tweety never learned to talk . The pet store said Tweety was too old to
learn to speak when my dad purchased him from a nearby pet store.
Tweety lived to be about 10 years old. Our family went on a vacation one summer and we decided to board Tweety at the pet store where we had purchased him. We couldn't get anybody to come to our house to take care of him. When we returned from our holiday, my dad and mom went
to the pet store to pick Tweety up. They were told by the owner of the store that Tweety had died. We were all very sad when Tweety died. The owner
of the store had placed Tweety's body in a box. We buried our beloved Tweety in our garden. He was such a lovely and smart bird. We never got another bird after that for our family. Now my husband and I have a cockatiel called Cutie. We've had him for about eight years. Cockatiels are very smart too and apparently can be trained to talk. Cutie was too old to learn to talk. That's okay though. Cutie does beautiful chirping and he's very cute. Hence his name. It has been nice chatting with you. Take good care and keep loving birds. All birds are wonderful and very special animals.
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