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Pain foa a year

I am hardly able to twist to my right side without pain. It is right in middle of back and all around the muscles there, I have a hard time bending over at the waist, and sometimes the right leg has pain in buttocks, thigh around knee and even foot. I also have had to stop exercising because when I lift weights my shoulder hurts and sometimes my hand feels wierd too, I am a chef and am having problems at work to,I take nsaids and have taken narcotic pain pills but they constipate me and also take celexa. Am really just about at wits end. I have had other instances with this right side 2 times in past 5 years this is worst.
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Dear chefterry,
Many thanks for posting this question and giving me an opportunity to help you out.Well as per the severe pain is concerned,it purely appears like a back spasm.The muscle of the right side of spine are in severe painful state causing the back spans.
Why it happened can be due to a number of factors, but since you are a chef, so as you profile demands prolonged standing, that can be a prime cause for the same.
Also you have mentioned that you do a regular exercises, so improper lifting of weights/exercises may also contribute to the spasm.
So would advice you for some muscle relaxants and NSAID's for a better relief and take rest.
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