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painful joints

I'm a very active 36 year old man.  I have been experiencing knee and wrist joint pain off and on for several years.  I was tested for RA about a year ago with negative results.  Last week the pain increased in both wrists, knees and left shoulder all at the same time.  I'm too young to feel this way.  Any suggestions?
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Dear Friend,
Well to qualify for RA, atleast 2 of the following things should be present -
1) Early morning joint stiffness.
2) Migratory polyarthritis.
3) more than 6 weeks of joint pain.
4) Small joint involvement.

I would suggest you to go for ESR and Serum CCP to fully rule out RA especially the latter examination.
Meanwhile, in case of severe pain, please take some anti-inflamatories to decrease the pain.
Feel free to post me, once CCP is done.
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hi, i was 17 yrs of age when i was diagnosed with rheumetoid arthritis. they thought it was just inflamation at first but it wasnt.. the pain just got worse. i am now 24 and still am dealin with it... its not a fun thing to have to deal with. does ur joints feel like if u sprained them or severely bruised them?? not to the touch but how they feel... does ur hands swell up? and does it kinda stop u from doin certain things at home or work or anywhere? mine do. its very hard to get by with them hurting and my job doesnt help either.. lol. but if i were u i would have them do some more in depth testing to find the culprit of ur pain....
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