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severe myalgia
Good morning,

My name is suresh konakalla, a pharmacist in India.  Now, I want to discuss about my father's health. He is a 57yrs, diabetic,no hypertension and an history of amoebiasis.  Two months back, my daddy was suffered from a hyper pyrexia @102F only for one day at that time he took Cefixime 200mg per day. After that, he get amoebiasis attack for this he took Tinidazole 1000mg as single dose. After that he suffered from a diarrhoea, for that he was prescribed Loperamide 2mg t.i.d for 5 days.  Then only he recovered from diarrhoea.  But after these attacks he is very week. He said that he can't stand or walk due to myalgea of foot muscles(only foot muscles).Even though he was a diabetic (controlled) his doctor prescribed him ORS(Electrolytes) powder for a few days.  Finally, here I want to tell you that my father has been using analgesics like Aceclofenac or Diclofenac tables every day, otherwise he can't feel good.
Few days back, he said that he was developed a small red patch on his nose and foot at the time fever, but now disappeared. I think that is a Dengue fever.  But here, We have no diagnosis facility. How long the myalgea would be. How he was treated myalgea. Why he has been suffering from myalgea for so long. Please help me.  I can't see him like that.
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Dear Suresh,
Many thanks for posting the question.
With this sort of history, i would like to suggest you that you dad needs to be properly hydrated (salt water/ORS) so that the electrolyte balance is recovered.The body looses a lot of salts in loose motions along with the fluid. Due to improper salts in the body, he is getting cramps which will resemble myalgia.
So give him rest, hydrate him well with fluids and give him adequate electrolytes.
I would suggest you to stick on to ORS and not Electrol solution.
He will take little more time to recover due to the age and diabetes.
Also request you to cut down the Medicines for pain killers on regular basis.
However if he is not responding well, then a General Practitioner's opinion would help.
Feel free to discuss more,
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