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Bony lump on top of hand near wrist between thumb & next finger.

I have a tender non moving bone like lump on top of my hand near my wrist in line between my thumb and next finger. I also have swelling and pain in my wrist and knuckles. Any idea's?
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I have no idea, but have the same thing.  I am going nuts with the discomfort.  Can't get into a hand specialist until the 26th of June.  Have you had any diagnosis yet?  I have burning pain in my thumb and wrist, kunckles seem to be okay, but find I can't button, zip, or do most anything that requires use of my thumb without having pain.  
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Your symptoms sound like mine.  I saw my internist and he thought it is a Synovitis/tendonitis type thing.  Ibuprofen, ice and rest is what he has suggested. The lump as not gone down in size. I was having other joint pain, swelling, fever etc. as well.
I saw a rheumatologist last week, she did x-rays and blood work. I've not heard about the results as of yet. She started me on an 8 day Prednisone Rx. I've had great relief in my hands & feet.
It's hard to wait but maybe try ice, rest and Ibuprofen, if you have no issues against using Ibuprofen.
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I have the same thing now for about 3 years.  I saw the doctor and he told me it was fluid even though it feels hard.  He gave me an anti-inflamatory and told me to put warm compresses on it.  That worked, but it comes back.  In fact it has gone away for months at a time, and then returns for months at a time.  The doctor said that it isn't anything to be concerned about.
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can u   email  me  direct    ericisnt26@yahoo i  have   a  lump  similiar  t o  what   u  guys  r  discussing  its  painless  but  annoying
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I did a search of internet to find out what I have...same as many of you.  Large bony type lump on top of hand between thumb and forefinger.  Does not give pain, but sometimes pushes thumb down in a strange position which gives a little pain.  I went to a GP here in Panama and he is running blood tests on me but he thinks it is a fat tissue buildup and wants to wait until blood tests come back.  He indicated that a simple surgery might have to be done to remove it.
It is annoying.

Mike in Panama
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It might be some type of cyst, that if ya wack it just right it may go away.  I had something like that years ago and I forget what the name of it is, but I accidently wacked it and sure enough it went away.  Of course without seeing it I have no way of knowing what it is. Happy New Year
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