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Contraceptive pill and arthritis

I'm 24 y/o female who has very recently stopped taking the pill (was on it for around 2 years).  At the age of 20 i starting to get pain and red swellings (quite noticeable) in my fingers.  Within a few months i started experiencing the same thing in my toes, and then in my knees, hips, shoulders and wrists. You couldn't see swellings in my bigger joints but the pain was like stabbing pains.  I could usually tell it was going to flare up because i would feel very fatigued the day before and little appetite. At its worst, i couldn't bend my toes at all in the mornings.  The doctor said it could be RA (have a family history of this) but tests were negative and i've never gone back. Alcohol, stress and cold weather were major factors in bringin this pain on and i began to try and manage it myself.  When i started to take the pill i became aware that i only ever experience the swellings and pain in my toes, it was much less severe and not as long lasting.  Since i have stopped taking it two weeks ago, i have started to experience it in my toes, hips and wrists. I don't know if this is a coincidence or is anyone aware of the pill providing joint pain relief?  Any info greatly appreciated thanks!
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Hi there!

Oral contraceptive pills are unlikely to have caused the joint pains. Well, possibilities with small joint pains include osteoarthritis, seronegative RA, degenerative/ inflammatory arthritis associated with autoimmune conditions and vasculitis, post-infectious arthritis, gout etc. I would suggest consulting a rheumatologist for a detailed evaluation of the possibilities. After a diagnosis is made it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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