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Hip pain

I fell and injured my right hip about 3 years ago. Seem to not bother me so much then, but for at least a year now I have experienced shooting pains in that same hip, expecially when I am laying down for the night. I can't sit very long without discomfort..I take walks everyday and try to stay active. Walking doesn't hurt the hip, but if I make a sudden change in my turns I feel a catch...Recently I have noticed that my right thigh has had pain also..I am hoping and praying that it is not Osteoarthritis. Kindof scared to go to a physician. Has anyone had this symptom and if so what do you recommend...Thanks for your time...God Bless...Janie
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I understand being scared to find out what is going on but I recommend that you do so soon.  Life is too long to live it in pain.  Many of us have similar symptoms and the causes can range from bursitis to RA.  Until you see a doctor and have it evaluated there is no way to know what is causing it and no way to get it treated.  Please let us know what you find out.  We will be here to help you along and support you.
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it sounds like you have bursitis. Arthritic hip pain usually gives you groin pain, not lateral hip pain, worse when laying on it. I'd go to the doctor and ease your mind.
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Shooting pain in the hip could also be caused by sciatica. The only way to really know is to see a doctor.
Keep us informed and as txsilver said, we're here if you need us!
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