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Humira with Worsening of Symptoms

I just started Humira (2 shots so far) and have had a worsening of symptoms since the first shot. My hands/feet have become swollen and my joints hurt more than before I started taking the Humira. I also have systemic vasculitis (Churg-Strauss Syndrome) and am on Cytoxan and Prednisone, but I have been taking both for more than a year and know the side-effects from each.

I am looking to see if anybody else has had the same happen to them or if they know what could cause this reaction with Humira.

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Have you talked to your doctor about the side effects you are experiencing?  Are you taking the Humira for RA?  
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I have my monthly appt next week and I will be speaking with my Rhuemy on this, I am just looking to see what others have exp.

I do take Humira for RA, it just seems that my joints have gone into overdrive and are trying to outdo each other in swelling. I have also had site reactions to the injection both times, rash. So I will probably ask him to give me something else, but I am not too keen on trying any of the other TNF blockers.
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Some people do much better on Enbrel than Humira.  If you are having problems and experiencing side effects,  it sounds like Humira might not be the right one for you.  Please let us know what your rhuemy has to say about what you are experiencing.  I hope something helps soon as I know what a misery it is to be in flare.
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I have been on Humira for psoriasis for approx. 9 mos. now. In the beginning I noticed that I as well had some swelling. I got reading alot about reactions etc. It did say that your body does contain more water which in turn would cause swelling. I myself found that after about 3mos. I had gained weight, not that I couldn't afford to but all the same I did find it a little odd. After reading so much on Humira, I dont' think I've missed a page, it is one of those side effects. I myself have noticed many more side effects whether its because I have been on it for some time. Memory loss, headaches, vision disturbance. I now have to get new glasses. Going to the bathroom at night prior to bed I find it takes that much longer, however I had read another post that this is what this other person is finding as well. I see my Dermatologist this Friday and am going to put the questions to her. Along with the above I find myself tiring out so much quicker and its not like I have to go crazy housecleaning or anything like that. I'm just plain tired. I will repost once I speak with Dr.
I do hope that you find that this water retention is something that goes along with it or perhaps the Dr. will put you on some type of water pill. Good Luck!!
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Have also taken humaria twice and high blood pressure for three days after three days forgetfulness is still a problem
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