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Is it really gout?

I had been diagnosed with gout about three years ago. High uric acid levels. Allergic to allipurinol, been on uloric two years. Just quit taking that 1 1/2 weeks ago. Afraid of all the side effects. Feel much better not taking it. I get twinges of pain in different areas of my feet and my hands. Also needle lioke numbness at times. None of which last very long. I still wonder if I truly have gout. Could there be something else causing these symptoms? I quit drinking, cut bck on smoking and really do not eat much that is high in purines. The symptoms actually started several years ago after I pulled something in my foot. A few days later I woke with such severe pain up the instep in my foot that I could not walk. Took a long time for someone to say it was gout. They pulled fluid but couldn't see under the microscope. Siad it was a problem with the scope. I have never had it in my big toe, always a flare in my insteps or my wrists. When the twinges start it is not just in one area, but in all different areas of my feet and hands.
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My mom has gout and she has pains everywhere as well...then again, she also has osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthirtis.

Could be that you have a combination as well.
The instep sounds like you may find relief with proper insoles.
Could be an arch problem.
The wrists sound like carpal tunnel syndrome...which surgery or braces could fix.

Could also be fibromyalgia ( did I spell that right?) You could check that forum and compare symptoms.
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