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Knee replacement

I had surgery for knee replacement Dec 2007. I've had not stop pain since the surgery. I've been to my doctor a number of times, he told me that the problem is with scar tissue and that he can do another surgery to remove the scar tissue. He also said it could grow back again. So I opted not to have the surgery. But the pain has increased and more troubling my leg is beginning to bow. Most of the pain is not in the knee but in the bone below the knee. Recently I've begun to develop pain in the muscles behind my thigh and calf.

I take Enbrel and Meloxicam for my joint and to control the swelling in my joints. Because I had to come off my meds to do the surgery my knees were swollen and very painful. But the doctor still did the surgery. My recovery was extra painful because the fluid collected in my veins again after the surgery and I could not get back on my meds straight away.

I've called to make another appointment with my doctor. Someone told me that it could be that the replacement was not put in properly or that the size is wrong. The thought of doing this surgery again is so frightening that I've been crying on and off all day.

One last thing, since doing this surgery I've lost about 1 1/2 inches on my right leg. Now I have a lift i were inside my shoe because walking and limping was affecting my back. But with the knee hurting so badly i've begun to limp again.

What should I ask the doctor tomorrow when I see him? If he says I need surgery what should I do.

Thanks so much for your help.

From in pain and distressed
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I would do nothing until I got a 2nd opinion.  Please let us know what he has to say.
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