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Pains and fatigue

Bloodwork came back.
Ferritin 38 (this has gone up drastically from taking iron pills)
Hb 120
Hct .36
RBC 80
MCH 26
MCHC 328
RandomDistributionWidth 16.4
WBC 8.9
ESR 26
Platelets 280
MPV 9.1
Neutrophils 6.05
Lymphocytes 2.14
Monocytes 0.45
Eosinophils 0.18
Basophils 0.09
RF 15
Citrullinated Peptide AB <0.5
DNA Double-StrandedAB 6.9
Antinuclear AB (ANA)
TITRE 1.160
  PATTERN Homogenous Pattern
  Speckled pattern

I don't see the rheumatologist for six months.
Anyone can make sense of this?
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I notice some abnormalities in your bloodwork.  What medical problems do you have and what medications and supplements do you take besides Iron?

Are you having any symptoms?  If so, for how long?  Do you have a history in yourself or in your family of RA (rheumatoid arthritis)?  Are you currently being treated for any type of rheumatoid or endocrine diseases?

Have you been told in the past that you have a history of anemia?  Do they know why you are anemic (where is the loss of blood coming from) or do they contribute it to a medication you are taking?
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