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joint pain and rash

11 years ago  I had breast augmentation and within 3 weeks had sever pain in the joints of my hands.  Initially, tests were run to rule out RA and SLE and both were.  I then thought it may be a reaction to a foreign matter that my body.  The symptoms went away in about a month.

Currently , about 4 weeks ago I noticed exact symptoms with my hands in/around the joints (mostly thumb, on the left hand).  I immediately thought there was a problem with the implants and went to the dr.  He put me on prednisone and some low dose pain medication and scheduled me to see a RA physician (5 week wait) and to keep an eye on breast changes.  

Well, my left breast in now flat (3-4 weeks after joint pain on-set) and I am wondering if anyone has ever come across breast implants (saline, silicone shell) having caused arthritic symptoms in patients?  Also, yesterday I noticed a rash on my cheeks.

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I belonged to a scleroderma board for a while, and have read that some silicone implants, when ruptured, can cause scleroderma ( a "cousin" to lupus). Sclero can cause arthritis like symptoms. Is your RA doctor a rhuematologist? That is the doctor you would need to rule out scleroderma. It really could be anything, even just a short lived auto-immune reaction to the silicon shell or irritated nerves from the surgery or implants.
If you choose to look up sclero to find out more, please be advised that most info on the web is worst case scenario and can be scary. Sclero is an auto-immune disorder that causes the body to over produce collegen. Every person's case is different. I myself have morphea sclero - which affects only the skin and some underlying tissue. Stick with the appointment with the RA doctor and let us know what happens.
Best of luck!
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