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Will Peekwho ever return to this forum?

Medhelp just feels dead without Peekawho around.
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I agree.  I miss Peekawho.
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I agree too...  when she dissappeared,  I slowed my visits as well...  its just plain boring around here without her!  (not that the rest of us are boring or anything!!)....  but compaired to peek,  we all are a little!
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I too, totally agree with this. Where IS Peekawho anyway? Where is she gone??
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Swampy has been wandering the streets of California, holding a lantern, calling out "Peekawho....Peekawho...."
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I wrote her my best kind of p.m. to elicit a response.  No response.  Guess my best isn't very provoking.  Sad, sad Annie misses peek so much.
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I am sorry that no one has heard from Peek. I came here this morning looking for her. Sorry Swampy, nothing short of God Almighty will get me to the streets of California! :o)

Peek tried her best to put on a brave face (or in this case, brave words) when her marriage fell apart .. but it was easy to read between the lines. She spent a lot of years with Mr Peep. She was broken and my heart was breaking for her.

I assume she has retreated to some safe place within herself to lick her wounds and begin the healing process. I hope she'll "Peek" her head out soon and at least let us know she is coping and rebuilding her life.

I miss her but MedHelp is still a wonderful place....just a little lonesome without Peek and so many others that we have lost.  I'm keeping her in my prayers.  

Blessings to All,
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