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I am getting ready to have major surgery in May. If anything should happen to me I would like to give my pancreas to my 27 year old daughter who is Juvenile Diabetic. She lives up north and I am south. What and or How do I go about seeing if I am a match for her. We both are RH O Negative blood types.

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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

This is definitely a question that you need to bring up to your surgeon before your surgery in May.  Organ donation is a wonderful thing and recipients now do so well because of the advances that have been made in this area.  To see if you would be a good donor for your daughter you would have to have compatible blood types, compatible tissue types and they would have to be crossmatched to assure the lowest risk of rejection.   Is your daughter already on the transplant list?  Is she a candidate for a transplant?  These are questions that you need to discuss with your surgeon.  You could also get in touch with the Organ Donation Network in your area as they may be able to answer a lot of your questions.  Good Luck with  your upcoming surgery.

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Thank you very much Ms. Hewitt. This was very helpful.

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