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Dear nurse hw r u?ive been xperience sum burning when i urinate,its been 2 months nw,aftr i urinate and sum of the urinate touch my inner thigh i start 2 itch alot.i wnt 4 a papsmear a month ago and the result did nt cme back yet,they gave me sum metrondizale and antibiotics bt it stll didnt help,they did a urine test bt it cme out NAD,im on petogen birth control 4 2 years nw and i nvr go 2 period and i dnt gt dscharge.PLS help i dnt knw what 2 do.THNKS:-)
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Hi, I am well- thanks for asking.

You are going to have to go back to your doctor.  Since your urine was clear, the burning could actually be caused by a vaginal issue (a persistent yeast infection?)  They should have the results of your PAP smear- a month is a little long to have to wait, so I would check on that.  Keep me posted.

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Thnks 4 the advise. :-)

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