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blood test

Hello, I get my period every 32-33 days, and a few times it was up to 36 days. But now I´m on the 40th day and I´m still waiting. Some days ago I took a blood test and there are a few things marked wrong, and I would like to know if it may indicate pregnancy:

Hematids: 3.89 (4 – 5.1) *
Hemoglobin: 12.6 (12 – 16)
Hematocrit: 35.6 (36 – 48) *
Neutrophils: %: 80.4 *
Neutrophils: 7.65 (1.5 – 7.5) *
Lymphocytes %: 13.7 *
Lymphocytes: 1.30 (1 – 4)
Monocytes %: 2.7 *
Monocytes: 0.26 (0.2 – 0.8)

If it´s not pregnancy, what could it be? I´m going to the doctor next week, but I would like to know if someome has any idea of what it could be. Thanks
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

This type of lab work would not tell us if you are pregnant or not.  Did you take a home pregnancy test? They are pretty accurate (especially once you have missed your period) so if you think you could be pregnant then go ahead and test.  You could also ask your doctor to add a blood pregnancy test to your lab work if possible.  Good luck.  

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Thanks for your reply.

I haven´t taken a home pregnancy test yet because I think the probability of pregnancy it´s very low, but I´ll do it tomorrow because I can´t wait anymore (I´m going to the doctor on Thursday)

The reasons why I think I´m not likely to be pregnant it´s because I was with my boyfriend on 14th May, and I think I ovulated on 26th, because that´s when I noticed more fluids than normal.

Now I´m wondering if it could be a cyst or something, but I´ll have to wait to see what the doctors tell me...
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