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Boyfriend with Asperger's never texts

I started dating a guy who has Asperger's. On the first date he told me that and also told me he loves me. On a second and third he said he wants to marry me and that I am the one, . When we are together he always hugs and kisses me non stop. However, in between dates he doesn't text or call unless there is a change in plans or to clarify plans. Why is that? It's like out of sight, out of mind almost. It's very difficult for me and I told him to text or call because I can't be in a relationship otherwise and still nothing, only to clarify or cancel plans does he call me.
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To me things need to be balanced and compromised in a serious relationship for it to work. I am not a doctor but I believe one should have consideration for the others desires and vise versa. For someone to quickly "hand you" all their feelings for you to handle and sit with while they leave you "out of sight out of mind" to me is immaturity if you've already spoken to him about it. It could be the fact that he has Asperger's as well since suffers have behavior problems or it could also be cultural thing or something that he is used to as a family norm. Try talking to him further about it to really figure out what the issue is or if you two are just not on the same page. Communication is always so important. In my personal experiences any guy that had poured all his feeling onto me straight away (let's cuddle, you are so cute, I really like you so much) only wanted one thing (sex) and as soon as they "didn't get it" I never heard from them again, sometimes as soon as the next day. But that certainly won't ever be the case with everyone so just talk to him. If he is serious, he will treat the situation that you find important with care. It will be just as important to him. Good luck!
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I respectfully disagree with minokisses for one reason. Three dates is hardly serious. You may really like this guy, but you haven't gotten to know him enough to call things serious. From my perspectives, he has shown some redflags but Aspergers could definitely account for them. I would suggest seeking expert help on the situation. I personally recommend wittythumbs but there are other sources out there. Good luck!
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