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Is my 3 year old son OK?

Hi.. I've a 3 year old boy who is quite clever.. He started talking and walking early and met all his milestones ok.. he's always been very social from he was just a baby and has good friends... but some of his behaviours people have commented on and I just wanted some other people's opinions so...
he's always been VERY hyper.. he's extremely fidgety and never sits still or sits down he has to be standing or running or climbing shaking about whatever... he's very clumsy.. can't run without falling and drops things a lot.. He imitates everything people say and do.. This is not 100% of the time but a lot of the day he does this for example if I'm singing or talking to someone he will copy my words as I am saying them and if I move he will also mimic my actions.. He also does this with other kids if they are running and playing he immediately joins in completely copying what they are doing g even though he has no idea what they are doing.. He copies them laughing even though he doesn't know what they are laughing about and he will copy sounds they make or words they say.. He also does this with babies he will copy a baby if it makes a loud or repetitive noise..  He can hold a conversation well and can speak to me deeply about things.. tell stories or about his day which obviously is normal but I don't k now if the mimicking and copying are quite so normal.. is this just the behaviour of a normal developing 3 year old or is there any cause for concern thanku x .... He also has an incredibly short attention span and almost immediately gets distracted if I ask him to do something .. or if I ask him to fetch me soMething that is right in front of him he can't see it and will look about everywhere until I physicalLy point right at it its like his brain starts looking everywhere else instead of right under his nose.. he's very loving caring and happy and I just want to make sure everything is ok as he is my world :) thanku
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If you're really worried about it, I'd say it'd be good to find an autism center and have him evaluated.
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It doesn't sound like Aspergers to me...possibly ADHD?
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I don't know if everything is "normal." But I do want to tell you that everything is okay. Even if your 3 year old has something that is different about him, he is who he is supposed to be, and everything will be okay. Yes, he might have struggles later if there is something different going on, but, totally nothing that he and you can't handle.

I would suggest having him evaluated. If there's something different going on with him, it's better to know sooner than later.
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