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Allergy or what?

I started to feel breathless.I went to an ENT specialist He told me that there is a infection,bone is deviated and surgery is required.Further tests were performed which revelead that paranasal sinus are clear and turbinates are swelled.I went to different ENT they tried to cure it through different medicines but they
were of no use.Later he performed a turbinate refuction surgery and corrected the deviated septum.From that day till now there is no improvement.Before and after surgery the position was same.Till today doctor say that its allergy nothing else ur sinus are clear, there is no obsturuction, the is only inflammation due to allergy.


1) When awake my mind is think I am breathing easily no I am not breathing easily.
2) I am having acidity.
3) When I think of going somewhere a thought comes that I will not be able to drive I will get panic,acidity and breathless.
4) I feel as there is acudity in my throat
5) I feel stretch inside nose in the middle nose brdidge are which converts in pain sometimes.
6) When I drive I feel very unconforable and think that I will stop the car on some side and run outside.
7) I am always stressed,uneasy and restless.
8) All this makes me uneasy to study and to give my exams as I am doing bachelors now.

Some ENT doctors say thay its only allergy pain is due to inflammation some ENT say that it is only allergy you should not feel pain of this kind maybe its a nerve pain you need to see a psychiatrist.The psychiatrist say thay its all anxiety and with medicines everything can become normal again as its only anxiety not depression.
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Your description suggests that you are experiencing both physical symptoms and emotional problems.  You mention both anxiety and panic and either could be brought on by the physical symptoms you have had with your nose and “the acidity.”

Given that you mention acidity several times suggests that you may have acid reflux (acid back-flowing from your stomach into your esophagus and throat – commonly referred to as GERD).  That could also, either directly or indirectly be related to your sensation of breathlessness.  

That is good news that your sinuses are not diseased.  Allergic inflammation of the nose is common and usually very responsive to inhaled medication, usually what is called a “nasal steroid”.  You can either accept the opinion of the ENT specialist that there is now nothing more to be corrected by nasal or seek yet another ENT opinion.

So, my suggestion is that you be checked and, if appropriate, treated for acid reflux.

Secondly that you continue to work closely with your therapist to find the optimum combination of drugs to control your anxiety, panic and stress and finally that you try to set your mind in advance that you will never submit to the temptation to “stop your car and run.”  That could be very dangerous.

Good luck
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