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Excessive phlegm production for over 6 weeks now!

I'm a 32 year old male who developed a couple of different lines of symptoms.  First of all, back in September I got a nose bleed and some bloody mucous for the first time that I can remember.  About a month later I had another such episode.  This started happening more and more often until I was having episodes about once a week.

About a week and a half before Christmas I developed different symptoms.  Starting with a generally dumpy feeling, I then began seeing excessive mucous being produced.  The phlegm ran the gamut of colors from yellow to green to brown over the course of a week and a half.  During this week +, I had that "dumpy" feeling and developed a cough (particularly bad at night) trying to expel all the mucous.  There was no sore throat at all and I didn't seem to be feverish.  After a few days the coughing died down to almost nothing and I was left with just the phlegm.

This has continued for weeks on end.  It is worse when I play sports, and the phlegm is usually fairly clear or sometimes white.  I made an appointment with a doctor and had a physical + general blood work done in which everything read as normal. Doc gave me a spray (Avamys) to try and told me that he thought it was some sort of rhinitis.  I've been using the spray for 4 days now and will continue to do so, but I have not noticed any less phlegm yet.  I have had stretches where I have felt a bit hot/feverish/sluggish and last night during a game of hockey I had a major phlegm episode that was darker in color than it had been..  

I have had allergies (hay fever) all my life, and the doctor's diagnosis of rhinitis as the result of allergies just seems strange to me.  Can rhinitis or allergies come on in a major episode of dark phlegm production and then ease into weeks of consistently annoying mucous?  Can it cause any symptoms such as headaches/fever/low energy?  Can it cause the kind of nose bleeds/bloody mucous I have described?  Thanks much for you time.  
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It is possible  that you had an infection months ago which had inflamed your sinuses.  This could be aggravated by the fact that already have a long history of allergy.  Even if the infection is gone (it may or may not), the inflammation could persist and give you the symptoms you have described.  The nasal spray is a steroid spray and is a very good one to control inflammation.  If it does not work, it could mean that you continue to have a low grade infection which continues to cause you to have the drainage you describe.  However, if the spray works, then it is unlikely that you have an infection which persists.  See how you do and keep in touch with your physician to determine the next steps.
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