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Asthma, Anxiety, Albuterol

Will anxiety respond to albuterol(ProAir)?

For nearly three yrs I've had this discomfort that comes and goes but mainly remains. I'm repeatedly told it is anxiety mostly because I talk a lot. However, I have no anxiety, very little stress at all and my entire life I've been able to deal with very stressful situations. When I get stressed I talk, to just about anyone who will listen and it is free. Anyway, I also have no other symptoms of anxiety...nothing else. I even asked my husband to objectively look at a list and give me his opinion if I meet multiple symptoms and he agrees, I do not. Plus it happens primarily after I eat or when I am tired. This feeling...is hard to describe. I am not short of breath but more like I can only do a "half yawn". That is mostly when I notice it...when I feel the urge to yawn and then I only get half of it - I can't get to the satisfying part of the yawn. It is very hard to describe. Maybe it would be like having a corset on or a belt around your ribcage. It only lasts for less than 10 seconds and then I can get the rest of my yawn. Anyway, I also have a very sensitive tummy but I’ve had an endoscopy and a Bravo PH test and both were normal. The PH only got out of hand when I ate food that bother me…such as oranges or tomatoes. I am taking thyroxin for hypothyroidism…most of my symptoms are controlled but not all of them. I’ve been on the hormone for about a year the breathing discomfort started about 3 years ago immediately after a VERY bad respiratory infection that may have turned in to pneumonia or something close. I was coughing up mucus for 6-8 weeks. I never saw a doctor. I had two MD’s say anxiety is my problem I had one MD give me Flovent which really made my stomach bad and soon after my breathing discomfort turned in to exercise induced asthma or spasm. I stopped the Flovent after four months because it would help for a week and then stop working. My stomach improved after stopping. It was by accident that I used the proair inhaler and found that if I use that inhaler 1-2 times a day my breathing discomfort disappeared and no bronchospasm with exercise. My question is why the ProAir is helping me? Would anxiety be responding to albuterol?

Does anyone have any advice for me…I am about at my wits end.  
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I sent you a message.

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