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Do I have to take Prednisone to Live Here?

I was diagnosed with Asthma in 2003 six months after moving to Austin, TX. It has only gotten worse and is is now out of control. I have been hospitalized and/or intubated several times. The number seems to be growing every year. Just 2 days ago i had the most severe attack I have ever had. It took 3 ned treatments back to back to stop it and for the first time I feared this was the big one. We have tried several inhalation powders, steriod packs, nebulizer combinations. Prednisone has been the only one able to control it. Now it's effect are decreasing. I have been taking anywhere from 80 - 60 mg of prednisone regiments for 3 years. Starting with larger dosages and weening down. I used to be able to sustain without the prednisone for longer periods of time. Now I cannot go for more than a two weeks without the prednisone before I start having severe attacks again. My prednisone is taking a very hard toll on my body. Weight gain, bruising, insane mood disorders, last week I smiled and my lip split. My kidney pain is excrutiating. Now my teeth are chipping. I constantly lose the feeling in my legs and my body is retaining so much fluid. Two weeks ago I started to develop a numbness in my right hand. The one thing I did notice was since my diagnoses I spent a few winter months in Crested Butte, Co. I did not have one bad asthma attack. Just a few minor ones.    

I went to my doctor again today and received my usual sentence of Prednisone. My doctor asked me to seriously consider moving to change my climate. Do I have to move? Is it possible for me to still live here without relying on Prednisone.  Please tell me there are other alternatives?
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Hi, have they done allergy tests to see if it's environmental trigger?  So sorry this is happening and that you are so seriously ill with the asthma, but the side effects you note are very frustrating and painful to live with and this makes your decision make you think to move more and more often as I can well imagine.

In general, have they done food allergy testing?  Have you changed anything in the way you eat OR in the home you live?  Things like formeldahyde in furniture can cause severe reactions for some, etc.

Just some thoughts to help you at this most difficult time.

Let us know how you are doing,

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Try moving out of your current place. The climate of your place might be making you prone for asthmatic attacks. Kindly go to a pulmonologist and get your pulmonary function test (PFT) done.
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