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Heart Palpation

Respected Doctor,
                           I am a young lady, I had acidity indigestion and fast palpation for last five years.The doctor me the said heart palpation is because of gas trouble.Now the 6 months back The Doctor recommended me asthma medicines and inhaler.The blood diagnosis have large allergy.The cough is  over therefore there no need of Allergy diagnosis the Doctor said.
Now I have deep gasps with panting  for 2to 3 days in the week.The hot water or hot food feels slightly better.Even mild exercise bring fast breathing Please suggest me for the said trouble ,and some exercise to reduce fat while breathing difficulty.          
                                                       Thanking You
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You may have mitral valve prolapse.  I had similar symptoms when I was your age and was told it was "anxiety".  As I got older, the symptoms got worse and I finally found a doctor that listend to me.  It was found that I have severe MVP and I was experiencing PVCs (the gasping feeling).  I am on meds now, and don't have nearly the symptoms I once did.  I hope you find the problem soon.
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Acid indigestion usually does not cause palpitation.  When a young lady has palpitation usually it is not a serious problem and often associated with anxiety.  The best way to know is to have an electrocardiogram (EKG) at the time you are having the palpitation.  To get a recording, it is often necessary to wear a heart monitor for 2 to 3 days.  Sometimes, asthma medicine can cause palpitation.

"Deep gasps with panting” can be caused by asthma especially with exercise, nervousness or anxiety/panic attack, poor physical condition, other lung disease or a heart problem with or without palpitation.

You should have the heart monitoring and a chest x-ray and spirometry, a simple breathing test, which provides detailed information about how your lungs are working and will show if there is obstruction in your airways.

If you suffer from chronic anxiety, you may benefit from a tranquilizer medicine.
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