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Nocturnal asthma and death


I suffer from severe nocturnal asthma.

All I want to know is: if I suffered from a severe attack which was life threatening, what would be the chances that it could kill me before I woke up?
In other words: how likely is it that a severe attack would wake me up before it caused death?

I have very good reliever medications and action plan and my worry about my asthma would be significantly decreased if I knew that I would at least be concious and able to deal with a life-threatening nocturnal attack.

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Hello there,
I just finished reading your comments. I suffer from asthma too.
I think that if you had a severe attack which was life threatening, the
attack would wake you up.  There are various things which trigger
asthma. What are your asthma triggers ? Have the things that cause
your asthma been discovered ? I have mild asthma, but there have
been a few times when I found breathing difficult and had to go and
get some medication to relieve it. I think you'd definitely be conscious.
I would speak to your family doctor and ask him or her the same
question. I'm not a doctor. This is just my opinion. I wish you well. Eve
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I think you haven't any severe asthma attack  ever , because if you had ever so you would not be conscious  about that you will die without waking ,in severe asthma attack a person can't sleep because of shortness of breath  and if some one sleeping so severe attack will wake him up and he will be conscious how to breath.....and will not conscious that  will I die in sleep :-)
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An attack would wake you up. I have asthma. When I am running short of oxygen, I wake up. Always.
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I know for a fact you will wake up I am a bad asthmatic i had it sience i was 2 i am 22 now, i use a inhalor and nebulizer but some times my body will know b4 i do that im gonna have an attack and wont let me sleep
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You would wake up, as others have noted.
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I also have bad nocturnal asthma, but it's well-controlled with medicines.  My experience has been that it always wakes me up and I can't go back to sleep until I treat it and it goes away.
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