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Tip ... so you aren't stupid like me

If you are having troubles with your ventolin not working .... don't be stupid like me.  Get a new one and see if it helps.  I found out mine was completely empty last night when I woke up last night in an attack and the ventolin didn't work very well.  

Why does the advair have a counter on inhaler and ventolin doesn't?? does not make sense to me!
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Really.  My Ventolin actually has a counter on the back that shows how many doses are left.  You don't have to do anything.  That's the reason my doctor prescribes this instead of another rescuer.
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Okay seroiusly... I have allways wondered the same! The rescue inhaler is the only one of mine that does not have a counter! With the paitent insert my Ventolin it actually has 200 (I Think) little bubbles printed on one side where you can "mark off" doses used... Alltho I dont know anyone who reads the inserts, even if the pharmacist actually leaves in in the box for the consumer! Plus, whos gonna do all that in the middle of the night? If we can put a man on the moon we should have a counter on da meds, lol :)
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Are you talking about the rescue inhaler, Ventolin?  My Ventolin (USA) does have a counter on the back.
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Its particularly a problem, since the propellant and solvents inside can sometimes still be seen when you test it, and the medication can be gone...you won't even know it.

You may want to keep 2 inhalers at all times.   Keep one set aside to act as a backup, if the first is old and you are not sure about it.

Another plan is to simply replace your inhaler every month, if you use it frequently (but if you are using it that frequently, you should see your doctor, since your asthma is not well in control)....or every 3 months, if you use it infrequently.    Get a sticker and put one on your calendar, every 3 months, so you will be reminded.  
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I asked my specialist once about it, and apparently it's based on the age of the technology. Sybmicort and Advair came out much later and are designed on a newer technology. Where as ventolin is more then 20 years old and they have never updated their technology. Usually these things are driven by costs, I guess the manufacturers don't feel the need or pressure to change the current working model.
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Symbicort has a counter, too.  When it gets to the yellow area time to refill prescription...haha.

I've also had problems because my Proair was low.  I agree that rescue inhalers should have counters...people don't have running tallies in their head as to how much they've used.  If Symbicort and Advair have them, I don't see why Proair, Proventil, etc can't.  It doesn't make sense to me, either.

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